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Adrian Schweiger


B.Sc. Agrareconomics

500h Hatha & Vinyasa Yogateacher

Ecstatic Dance DJ

Papa of 2


+49 1575 8768786


About Me

Adrian's journey, similar to the establishment of Sacred Space in 2020, has been influenced by a strong spiritual connection and a dedicated commitment to infuse each moment with a touch of inspiration. Growing up in an agricultural science background, Adrian initially adhered to societal expectations and a sense of duty.

As he explored the world, Adrian's path took unexpected turns shaped by travel, diverse cultural encounters, and a desire for self-discovery. The subtle spiritual aspect in his life began to unfold, leading him to explore practices like yoga and gaining profound insights from a 5-day ayahuasca ceremony in Peru.

Adrian's transformative journey continued with the decision to break free from his past, dedicating himself to the practice and teaching of yoga. Encounters with his future wife, Mirjam, at a yoga festival in Germany, and their shared exploration of spirituality in the Swiss Alps, strengthened his commitment to a life aligned with his true calling.

Amidst personal transformations, Adrian found himself at the forefront of a spiritual revolution through Sacred Space. His passion for creating environments fostering connection and transformation seamlessly aligned with the business's mission. Adrian became an integral part of the team, contributing a unique blend of spiritual insight and practical expertise.

Under Adrian's influence, Sacred Space evolved beyond a business into an extension of his spiritual journey. Empowering festival organizers and curating immersive retreat experiences, Adrian ensured every sound resonated and every setting became a perfect backdrop for spiritual growth and communal celebration.

Adrian's commitment extended beyond festivals to a diverse range of spiritual events and transformative retreats. His experiences in India, particularly with Integral Yoga teachings, guided the shaping of Sacred Space into an environment where participants feel connected, inspired, and rejuvenated.

As the co-creator of Sacred Space, Adrian invites others to join him in crafting a tapestry of spiritual experiences. For him, every event and retreat is a testament to the power of shared intention and collective elevation—a representation of the magic that sparked this transformative journey in 2020.

My Path


B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences

Universität Hohenheim


500h Yogateachertraining RYT



Self-employed Nature Conservation Planning, Compensation Areas


M.Sc. Regional Development & Nature Conservation

HNE Eberswalde

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