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Voice Alchemy Retreat
24.-28.04.2023 | MALLORCA

When was the last time you expressed yourself freely, without any restrictions, without any doubt, without fear? We all long for a deep, sacred connection with ourselves. We all want to express our thoughts and emotions fully, without thinking about it twice.

During this retreat we will give you the tools you need to liberate, activate and strengthen your voice. We will guide you to your individual (singing) voice, your authentic expression. You will gain more self confidence, feel yourself standing in your power and trusting your intuition. It is a sacred activation of your life energy.



Through Yoga Asana we train our physical body. We can feel our muscles, our energy, our strength. It gives us an opportunity to come back into feeling ourselves. As we strengthen the body, we gain confidence in our appearance. Yin Yoga goes one step further and allows us to fall into a deep relaxation, a moment where we are completely in our body, completely with ourselves. Through resting in postures that open and expand our muscles, we can integrate everything that shows up in our day.

The daily workshops will show you the power of your voice. We start by reflecting on our childhood, meeting and embracing our inner child to heal the broken parts within. Opening our body through different breathing and toning exercises helps us to find our own individual voice and express ourselves freely. We will guide you through powerful practices that allow you to show your voice and yourself as you are - in a sacred space we all create together. You will find a light within yourself that waited a long time to be seen. And we will give you the tools to be confident in showing it to the world.

In the Breathwork sessions you will be guided into a realm beyond time and space. It is a powerful tool to meet your self, to acknowledge and heal what wants to be seen. In each session we will focus on different bodyparts which we open through somatic exercises. In this non-judgemental space you can fully let go through breath, sound, touch, motion, body- and energy work. You will be able to release stuck emotion and energy on a cellular level to experience the wisdom and magic your body holds.

We will slow down and feel ourselves deeper. We will touch places in ourselves we did not know existed. We will celebrate and be in sacred ceremony. Join us! Be with us!


We will stay in a beautiful private Finca in the Heart of Mallorca that has a lovely atmosphere for community but also creates the opportunity to take some time for yourself.


07:30 Meditation

08:00 Breathwork

10:00 Brunch

12:00 Free Time

13:30 Voice Workshop

15:00 Tea Time & Snack

16:00 Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

18:30 Dinner

20:00 Kirtan / Ceremony




Voice Workshops



Yoga Asana




In the Finca you have the opportunity to stay in a Double or Triple Room, in which you can find your safe space to rest. We only have a limited number of rooms and spots for up to 10 people, so please let us know your preferred sleeping option when contacting us.


Double Room - 990€

Triple Room - 890€

To secure your spot at the retreat we ask for a down payment. So get in touch and we will give you all the details you need. If you have any questions or need help planning your trip, we're here for you!

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