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Rise, Sister

Free Your Light!

You have something inside you that wants to be shared with the world.

Are you ready to find your light within?

To speak your truth, unapologetically?


I am Mirjam - a professionally educated and intuitive singer. A mother.

And a freaking goddess. Just like you.


As women we have a power. I want to write ‘a secret power’, cause I feel most of us don’t know about it or have lost the connection to it. So let me remind you: We are creation!

My body carried two babies. Not only carried but created! While the birth of my fist child was very traumatic and far from empowering, the birth of my son last year opened doors to a perception of this existence that I never thought possible! As his body was moving through mine, I tapped into a state of consciousness where I was one with the universe, one with the baby, one with creation. I felt this intense power pulsing in my veins, my muscles, my womb. I experienced myself as a force of creation – as lifeforce itself.


This moment activated a memory. The memory stored deeply in my cells. The memory of my own inner fire, my power, my orgasmic love. We as women have the ability to create. Not just a human being, but everything! When we truly stand in our power, connected to our highest self, drawing energy from an intimate selflove, we can shift our reality, transform our pain into pleasure, manifest everything we ever dreamed of. Life becomes easy, blissful, orgasmic!

We are so used to playing the nice girl, keeping us small, that we don’t even recognize all the conditionings and pattern that work through us, that hinder us. What is it you truly desire? And what’s keeping you from living that? I’ve seen my potential, experienced it. And now I own it. I live up to it. Day by day I’m giving my all to live my highest truth and potential. And I can teach you the tools to do the same. (Psst, you don’t need to give birth to get in touch with your source of power!)

I want to open you doors that enable you to remember who you are. Why you came here. I am leading you into a new experience of existence.

Break free with me. Free the light within you. Shine so bright, so that you light up every room you enter. That's your true potential! Let’s hear your voice, let’s honour it and give it space. It’s time to be bright and beautiful – like you came here to be!

It's time now


We will dive into deep inner work to discover experiences and beliefs that have kept us quiet and small, kept us polite and "good". Through clearings and journeys we will embrace our inner child and meet our highest identity, recognise obstructive patterns in our lives and let them go.


With different daily practices we will unleash our inner goddess and experience the power and wisdom our body holds. Through connecting with source, movement and affirmation, coming home and getting in touch with our individual authentic voice, we can directly affect the way we express and perceive ourselves. You hold all the power you need in your Self!



You will have gained the ability to connect with your innermost being and recognize when it asks you to be guided by it. You will know who you are, what lights you up and how you want to show up in the world. The connection and support of the group will create a safe space to fully evolve into shining your light.

What's included

Live Classes

We will meet 6 x 90 minutes for practices and information. The first date will be Sunday, 30.04.23 at 18:00h. After that every Wednesday at 18:00h. You will receive the recording if you could not make it or to deepen your practice.

Private 1:1 Consultation

For every participant I offer a 90 minutes private consultation at any point during or after the course to talk about and work on topics that might come up, questions there are or anything you feel you need help with. If you want me to just hold space for you, I'm there for you too!

Special: Neo Emotional Release

In week 3 we will enjoy a special Neo Emotional Release session with Christina (info below), to work through traumas that sit deep in our body so we can let them go more easily.


For the time of the course I will create a Facebook Group where you can connect and support each other.


Guest Teacher Christina

"Let's re-discover the healing powers of vocal expression!"


Neo Emotional Release Pract. i.A.

Vocal Embodiment Coach

Cert. Musictherapist & Musician

Christina is a fire goddess, just like you and me, that shares her unique light through devotional and intuitive singing. She will accompany us in the third week and hold a Neo Emotional Release session for and with us.

Have a look at her instagram to know more about her!

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We will meet at the following dates:


Su., 30.04. 18h Welcome Ceremony

We., 03.05. 18h

We., 10.05. 18h

We., 17.05. 18h

We., 24.05. 18h

Körnige Oberfläche

Investment in your Self

1.100€ (incl. VAT)



I want to sign up or need more info!

Thank You!

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