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My Story

When I think about where my journey began, I must go back into my early childhood. Already at the age of 5 I realised the joy making music brings me and started playing the piano. As I turned 9 years old, I wanted to dive deeper into the realms of singing. I was accepted by the Mädchenchor Hannover, a highly educated girls’ choir with international reach. Over the next six years I got trained in music theory, detailed hearing skills and special voice activation and intonation work. I learned to use my breath, my whole body, and my imagination to reach the highest musical potential of my voice.


Being a teenager, the interest to invest any further time in „just singing“ slowly faded. After all you cannot make a living by just doing what you like! At least that’s what I was telling myself. So, I decided to follow the typical path, finish school, and make my bachelor’s degree in event management. After a while I found myself lost. The work took over my whole being, leading to a chronical illness, leaving me unable to work. My body was screaming, waiting for me to finally listen.


I always knew we came here on this planet with a reason to be. Over the years, going from one illness to the next, I realised I had lost my way. The last time I could remember a feeling of knowing who I was, has been in childhood when I was able and confident to tell my mother that someday I was going to heal people through singing. For that confidence to come back, it took some years.


Starting to realize I need to change my life and find back to my calling, I entered a Yoga teacher training in Bali in 2017. Now let me tell you - that was truly life changing! Never have I experienced myself so deeply, never have I met people that I could talk to about our Soul and Spirit, our reason of being, never have I been singing with my heart that wide open. I was finding my way back to myself, I was remembering.


Coming back home I left my job and my partner, started anew. Not knowing what to do now really, I went to a Yoga festival my teachers were hosting just a few months later - and met Adrian. As soon as we got to know each other I felt a divine love connecting us and knew we would from now on walk and grow together.


In early 2019 we travelled to North India, unfolding the layers of our beings. This journey became more transformational than we would have thought in the beginning. After spending some time at the Aurovalley Ashram near Rishikesh we were sent to see a spiritual Master at the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, one of the biggest spiritual gatherings in India. We were welcomed as “celebrities” and invited to take part in a traditional fire ceremony. Throughout our whole stay we were being worshipped in some way but also permanently observed, which left a heavy feeling and confronted us with the big cultural differences. 


So, we decided to go on with our travel to South India. At some point we were visiting the Matrimandir in Auroville. Deeply sunken in meditation I felt a presence and bowed before it. In that moment I gave my all to the divine, realised I was ready to follow every step of my soul path. Well - one month later little Leah came into our lives. I was pregnant. Right now, I see how in that moment my life began. I always felt the call to be a mother. I always had the feeling that in the very moment my children came into my life, my reason of being would show itself to me. 


Carrying and birthing a child is such a magical, powerful, and transforming experience. But we have lost this connection to the very nature of being a woman. Today it is normal to go through many tests and preparations, from one screening to the next. Turn our intuition off and listen to the doctor. I let this system get to me and worked against my inner voice that told me to trust, resulting in a very traumatic birth, shattering my whole being.


It was clear to me I had to go on a healing journey. Not knowing where and how to start I directed myself back to the music. Over the years 2020 to 2022 I shared Kirtans, Sound Healing Journeys and held Women’s Circles on festivals. It helped me feel again, be again, reconnect to my inner wisdom. And in the very moment I felt whole and healed, another Soul decided to join us. 


With my second child, I was able to trust the tools my life has given me. To lean into the magical wisdom of music, reclaim my power and stand up for my wishes. I was gifted wth an incredible homebirth, showing me the rawness and strength of me as a woman.

I now see how all the dots come together. I see my learnings, my growth, and my path right before me. And I want to fully dive in with you.

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