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Dancing with your eyes closed, barefoot, completely sunken into a hypnotic and ecstatic state of consciousness - that is what Ecstatic Dance is all about. It opens us the door to our Self, to our inner voice, our inner wisdom. When we let the vibration of music guide our body, it moves intuitively and releases energy blockages, reaching a higher state of frequency and flow. Through shutting off the outer world and completely getting lost in this form of meditation, we can experience a deep transformation.

Let us guide you. Together we can reach a state of consciousness and energy, that elevates the ones around us.



16:00 Open Doors

16:30 Welcome & Connective Breathwork

17:00 Transformational Dance Journey

18:30 Hang Meditation

19:00 Closing

Please reserve your spot via mail, as there are only limited spaces available!

As energy exchange we ask for 20€, that you will pay at the entry.

Please bring your own water bottle. You can fill it up at the water station in the studio.

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