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My Story

In my life there has always been this subtle spiritual connection, that I couldn’t explain when I was younger. Instead of listening to my intuition, I mostly followed my life by the principle of „what should be done“. From my perspective today I can say that I acted out of fear to miss out on something or to not have enough material means.


As I became older, I had the chance to travel the world, work in different countries and learn foreign languages. This allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of myself. 

In other words, I discovered more of my spirituality and still couldn’t grasp it. Thus I still kept myself in my own mental box.


Because of focusing on these fears I studied agricultural science due to my family farming background. It was clearly my choice, eventhough there were unspoken expectations to take over the family farm in the future. I did what I thought made sense.


The time at university was excessive and stressful. But finally I managed to break out. I felt something was missing in my life and I started traveling again. So I went to Brazil, where my excessive time continued. Eventhough I knew that my body and mind were longing for more than just partying and having fun. My intuition told me that I had to change something quickly, otherwise I would keep harming myself. My best friend advised me to do a yoga teacher training, which had transformed his life.


So I decided to try something new and took part in a 5 day ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, which helped me to free myself from past experiences and unwanted habits. Afterwards I was ready for a fresh start and signed up for a 4 weeks yoga training. This improved my physical, mental, spiritual well-being extraordinary. These two decisions changed my life forever.


A few months later I was invited to a yoga-festival in south Germany where I met my future wife. The most interesting thing is, that an astrological reading in Peru predicted exactly that. Back then I didn’t really believe in it. Her name is Mirjam and we decided to stay together after some time in the swiss alps, where we had a seasonal farm job.


I still remember that feeling of transformation after my intensive time in south america. The time after I had met Mirjam, was full of energy and visions. So we traveled to India to improve our spiritual understanding of reality. The ashram where we spend 2 months, focuses on Integral Yoga. Which was created by the Yogi Sri Aurobindo and a french woman called „the mother“. One of their main teachings is: „All life is Yoga“. So you can raise your consiousness by aspiration and meditation. Their approach is very holistic and you don’t need to follow many rules in order to live a spiritual life. The total contrast for example I experienced in a Shivananda Ashram in South India, where people have to follow many rules in order to become spiritual. That doesn’t make sense to me. We are already spiritual beings and we just need to realize and practice it. 

The time in India completed my first transformation and I felt ready to commit my life fully to the practice and teaching of yoga instead of agricultural science.


Just one month after we came back from India a completely new episode started. Mirjam became pregnant and we had to put our visions on hold. So we could focus on a practical solution. As a result I started a Mastersdegree in nature conservation. At the same time I also started working in that field. From my perspective it wasn’t that bad, but it was the same setting that I had earlier and didn’t like. Because it was „the right thing to do“. 



This beautiful and unforeseen event made it difficult for me to fully follow my spiritual path like I used to and I thought I can’t live up to my full potential. All the worldly tempations, challenges and fears came back into my reality. It was difficult for me to keep up my own practice.


Nevertheless Mirjam and I had the strength to continue our spiritual path in a different way. The transformative energy had changed, it was not as intense as before our daugthers birth, but it was more clear. Our common vision was there. 


At the same time we were busy with Mirjams pregnancy and our daugthers first two years, our best friends continued their spiritual retreats, where we had the chance to become a part of and get involved with our abilities. 


These last 3 years have shown me, that it is important to follow ones own ideas and visions. To keep on track it is very helpful to develop basic habits and a mindset that will bring you closer to your visions.

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